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Double Ivy Wire Coil

Double Ivy Wire Coil


Wicked wires uk double ivy wire coil made by revwrapz, the double ivy wire coil is a very flavourful and dense cloud producing coil, the vape from this coil can be a little on the warm side a standard coil for those vapers who prefer a little more punch to their vape.

This coil ohm at around .30 as a standard build, for a higher ohm range please use the "CONTACT US" to request an increase in ID (MAX 7mm id and 1 additional wrap is the largest this coil can go.......WARNING please do not use this coil if you are new to RDA's this coil is so large that fitted incorrectly can become too close to the outer of the RDA and create to much heat to lips, drip tip, and potentially the RDA's insulator Wicked Wires UK and Supreme Vapes Distro accept no responsibility to damage caused to your vape device due to incorrect fitment and use of this coil) 

When fitted this coil should be pushed down with even pressure across the top of ALL wraps of the coil and pushed into the juice well 1-1.5mm above the 510 pin (so as not to create a dead short on your 510 pin)  it is recommended you fire this and ANY wicked wires uk coil on an RDA ohm reader only. (DO NOT USE AN UNREGULATED MOD TO FIRE COILS IN ANY INSTANCE ..........EVER) 

Nichrome 80 round wire frames and core 28*34, kanthal .4 ribbon wire cores with ni80 38 round wire fuse 

Sold single coil

* Post-fire pulse:
    * 4 wrap / 5mm ID:
        * Single coil: .28-.32

(ni90 fuse can be requested by placing an order and using the “CONTACT US” link on the website and sending revwrapz a request) 

All wicked wires uk coils are sterilised prior to packing and go through a triple stage quality check process before being packaged for postage to our customers.


How to install

Some coils may ohm lower than your device can fire (staggertons .08-.10Ωframed staples .12Ω) in this instance it is advised to fit one coil at a time, if using a regulated device use a low wattage, 15-25 watts depending on the ohm of the coil,trim the legs of both coils to the desired length required by your device, fit each coil to its dedicated posts ensuring you are using the correct posts for your device.

Ensure all coil legs are cut to length evenly, correctly and any trailing wires have been removed. Check that none of the coils are touching any of the externals of the rda they are fitted too or the 510 pins for single coil setup devices.

It is advised to now remove the grease and oils that have been applied to the coil from your hands during fitting, by either using an ultra sonic cleaner or some hot soapy water and a clean small soft nylon brush to clean the coils (remove from vape device when doing this) give the coils a good rinse in hot water and refit to your vape device at a low wattage.

Ensure that post screws are not tighten too tight as this can damage the legs on more fragile coils such as fused staples and cause the legs to snap at the post holes, this can also cause the coil to read incorrect ohms when in use (some fluctuation of final ohms readings are a good indication of damage caused by incorrect fitting in this manner, usually seen at the re-wick stage of coil care and a good indication of coil replacement needed) 

Once happy with the fit of the coils check there are at the same height as the air flow holes on your rda cap, by inserting the coiling tool and gently lifting or lower the coil into place, again making sue that both coils are not touching any parts of the rda accept where they are secured into the post holes.

Apply power to the coils and bring to a gentle amber glow, hot spots may appear in the form of bright white/red spots, to remove these, discontinue applying power to the coils and strum the coils using your ceramic tweezers, or pull the individual coils of the coil apart (hot spots are generally caused by the individual coils of the coil touching and causing a short)
how to maintain wicked wires uk coils.

If you find you have one coil heating quicker then another, check both coils are set at the same distance from the posts that they are connected to, check the ID (inner diameter) of each coil has not been changed due to the fitting process, by using the correct size coiling tool and gently tugging on each coil to correct that coils ID.

(ensure the coils are secured in place correctly before doing this, wicked wires uk is not responsible for any damage caused to coils during the fitting process, we advise only experienced vapers use our coils due to this)  

After some use the coils may begin to look a little black or dark, this can easily be cleaned off by using some of the following steps.

Take your rda off of your device and put onto an ohm reader or a regulated device with fully charged batteries (DO NOT PERFORM THIS STAGE ON A MECHANICAL DEVICE)
Gently dry burn your coils by removing your wick, apply low power to your coils at around 20-30 watts to produce a low amber glow, as this occurs any sugars that have built up on the coils should burn away, once this begins release the power on your device and set to one side to allow the device and the coils to cool naturally.


Once the device and coils have cooled, remove your rda/rdta from your device, take to a sink and wash the coils and rda with a soft nylon brush (toothbrush works well) and some warm soapy water, with more complex coils be gentle if using this process to clean coils. give the coils and rda a good rinse with clean warm/hot water and shake off excess water before fitting back to your device.

(wicked wires uk recommend you use an ultra sonic cleaner for long term solution for this process with 2 or 3 cycles run if possible) 

You should now perform the same steps as you did when you fitted the coils from new, to ensure all the screws in the posts are still tight after being cleaned, that the coils themselves have not degraded to a state that they require replacing, check the integrity of the insulators on your rda before applying power to it again, check that the 510 pin on the rda/rdta is correctly tightened and then re-glow both coils to ensure they are glowing evenly (if in doubt follow the first steps in these how to tips) 

Once happy with the cleanness and fit of the coils allow to cool, re-wick and vape!

(wicked wires uk is not responsible to damaged caused to coils/rda/rdta/mods or any individual due to incorrect fitting, or caused due to general maintenance or use of wicked wires uk hand made coils, the information and tips described above are to be used at the customers own risk and as a general how to guide, you should be sure you have sufficient knowledge of ohms law, correct battery safety and general use. That you have a good understanding of how to use rebuild-able vape devices and when purchasing wicked wires uk coils you do so at yo

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